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Brief Description

A description of your business written to create interest and appeal from brides and grooms.

Profile Photo

The profile photo shows off your business on all listing and search pages. It should be a strong representation of your business.

Contact Information

Your contact information makes it easy for clients to get a hold of you. We also provide an simple and easy-to-use contact form.

Top Of The Page Priority

When visitors search for vendors, either by category or by location, your listing will appear close to the top and above any free listings.

Travel Locations

A huge benefit if you travel to different locations as a wedding vendor. We will list your business in all the communities that you are willing to work.

Multiple Categories

If you are a vendor that works in different categories you will be able to showcase your business in multiple category searches.

Photo and Video Gallery

A big part of gaining interest from brides and grooms is showing off what you can do. Nothing is better to represent your business than photos and videos.

Pricing Information

Brides and grooms always want to know how much your services will cost. Choose to provide pricing information and make it easy for visitors to budget for their wedding.

Imported Reviews

Reviews are a great way to gain trust from potential clients. We will find and post positive reviews about your business that we find on the internet.

Social Media Networks

Linking to your social media networks allows potential clients to follow your business and gain more information about you as a vendor.

Special Events and Deals

Our system allows you to create special events and deals that you can offer to potential clients. They will be posted on our website and our social media pages.

Downloadable Files

If you want to provide even more information about your business you can add even more details. You can add music, menus, pdfs and more.

Promoting Your Business

Our goal is to be the primary source of information for weddings within Northern Ontario.  The first step towards that goal is to create the most complete listing of wedding vendors and venues in the area. 

For the vendors we've created an easy-to-use system that is clean, straightforward and most-importantly, it makes your business look good. We work with you to highlight your business so that brides and grooms know what makes your business special and why you are the right fit for their special day.  

We promote your business in a variety of different ways.

Facebook Wedding Groups

A big part of finding wedding vendors is asking for recommendations on Facebook. Currently we manage the largest Facebook wedding groups in Sault Ste Marie (Sault One Stop Wedding Planning) and North Bay (North Bay Wedding Swap and Sell), with plans to expand our Facebook reach to all our communities. These groups give us an avenue to promote vendor businesses and provide recommendations to brides and grooms who are currently planning their weddings.

Wedding Content and Articles 

We are developing content that is interesting to brides and grooms. We feature vendors, create best-of lists, showcase photography spots, show real weddings, and provide information from the municipality of 'what to expect when getting married'. We are creating content to make the website a source of information for the wedding community beyond providing vendor information.

Advertising at Venues and Accommodations

We will feature brochures and information at available locations such at hotels, tourist information locations and venues.  Typically a wedding couple begins their planning by establishing a venue and working outwards. We will have information at these locations to make these brides and grooms aware of our vendors early on. 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

All our pages are search engine optimized to show up prominently on Google and other search engines. A profile helps to establish a web presence for your business that will rank within Google.  It will also help establish your own business website by providing relevant and reliable backlinks to your website.


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