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Bill the DJ

Little Current P0P 1K0, Manitoulin District
(705) 968-1995
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Little Current P0P 1K0, Manitoulin District
(705) 968-1995

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Since 1980. Weddings, Stag & Does, Parties of all sorts. Over 38 years of experience.

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    This guy calls women when they post things they don't like on a site he admins called WHAT'S DOIN ON THE MANITOULIN.  OVer and over again.  Several times, different women have called the police on him.  Once, it was an indigenous woman, who he made 'beg' to keep a post about the murdered residential school children but moreso creeped her out that she called the cops.  ANOTHER woman, was harassed by him first in PMs online, then in phone calls, as he harvests your phone number from your page to store and contact you anytime he pleases, then he harasses her in a store parking lot.  Again police were called.  YET ANOTHER WOMAN!!!  He called several times, (see pics below) constantly and constantly.  YET ANOTHER WOMAN!!! He called but it was her 13 year old daughter who answered... but he didn't believe it!  So he harassed her anyways for a post about her business!  Saying that she's new to HIS island, and that it competes with businesses of friends of his!!!!!   He was also accused of sabotaging the first RIBFEST by calling the LIONS CLUB in MINDEMOYA to stop them from partnering with him, THEN tried to get the member working with the organizer fired by saying he was an international member!!!!  He isn't!  He went even further than that by sabotaging a wrestling show by calling sponsors, customers he saw who posted online because he got their phone numbers from facebook, and even friends of the organizer.  The same organizer of the RIBFEST.  Who also did a lacrosse camp for indigenous children hosted by a PRO NLL player.  Which, of course, he tried to sabotage as well by posting negative info on his website, despite saying that it wasn't allowed. But that is Bill, hides who he truly is but he has bullied literally hundreds in this way.  They go on another site and talked about it.  What's Goin on, Manitoulin.  The stories are horrendous.  ANd since its the most popular site on Manitoulin, no one does a thing.  Until now.  
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