Sault Ste Marie, Algoma District
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Sault Ste Marie, Algoma District

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My name is Jason Caswell, and I'm a designer who loves film. I specialize in wedding and family FIlms that are based in Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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  • JFilms is the Best PERIOD


    I cannot tell you how much my wife and I recommend hiring JFilms/Jason to capture your day! If you don't know already, you will surely find out soon that wedding planning is stressful. From coordinating dates, times, flavors, locations, and so on, things get jumbled and hectic fast. When it came to videography, however, Jason took the reigns, asked for a simple wedding-day schedule, and I cannot name a single moment that was missed throughout the entire day. In fact, he even showed up early at 6:45 AM to capture my wife and her mother's last cup of morning coffee together before she moved out into her new life with me, which, let me tell you, was a very special moment for all involved. As JFilms filmed our day, we in no way felt like we were acting or had to do things three or four times to get the perfect take. I also cannot say enough about how professional he and his partner were throughout the process. As for his video editing and production, his creativity and vision go beyond anything my wife and I could have imagined. He is truly an artist and the only thing you will be disappointed in is that the video doesn't last forever. As for pricing, some people balk at the idea of spending money on a video service when a photographer is already 'capturing' the day; I would be lying if I didn't admit that, at first, I was one of those people. After seeing the final footage, however, we can honestly say that that was by far the best money we spent during the entire wedding process. If we could re-do it, and JFilms had doubled their price, my wife and I would still be the first customer in line. In summary, JFilms takes a beautiful day and turns it into a lifetime memory that very few people have the privilege to possess. My one piece of advice for any couple getting married is, if you are considering hiring a videographer, stop considering, and hire Jason. I can promise that you absolutely will not regret it. 
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