Sheriff Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

Milliken Mine Road, Elliot Lake, Ontario
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Milliken Mine Road, Elliot Lake, Ontario

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Sheriff Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is located 5 minutes outside of Elliot Lake on Milliken Mine Road.  This location is FREE and no appointment is necessary to take photos here.

Location Features | Forest Trail, Wooden Bridges, Boardwalk, Water, Tall Grass

Summer | Sheriff Creek is a great location in summer. 

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  • Multiple Options Within A Short Stroll


    Sheriff Creek is really easy to access with a parking lot right off Milliken Mine Road just a few minutes north of Elliot Lake.
    From the parking lot you are presented with two trail options, through the forest or along the water. 
    The forest is an easy, relatively wide trail that would accommodate a couple, or small wedding party, in various locations.  If you continue walking for about 5 to 10 minutes down the trail you will start to come to some wooden boardwalks that are great for photos.  Once you pass the boardwalks most of the trail is more of the same unless you plan to continue the whole trail to the water side, though this is probably a 30 minute hike (or more).
    The water side walks along the sanctuary, it opens up along a gravel trail and could accommodate large wedding party photos.  At the far end of the walk their is a lookout.
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